Chocoholics Anonymous

As we’re all certified chocoholics here at Your Local Link, we were pretty delighted to be invited to a tasting session at The Cocoa House, piling into the place after we’d finished at the office and disturbing several innocent shoppers who were quietly minding their own business.

The session was really interesting, and while we learned about York’s chocolate history (and Helen kept her nose buried deep within a bag of pure chocolate – we thought we were going to have to surgically remove her at one point) we were able to taste loads of yummy chocolate from different parts of the world. That’s our kind of learning. Here’s a tip – if you want to keep our attention, bring food.

We also found out a fun fact for use down the pub, and we’re giving it to you for free ‘cause we’re nice like that. If you prefer white chocolate or milk chocolate, you tend to turn to comfort food when you’re upset, but if you like dark chocolate you don’t have that trait, and you tend to be more of a fan of savoury foods. However, several of the Your Local Link team discovered that actually we like white, milk and dark chocolate. We think we’re just greedy.

Even gym bunny Joe was tempted to purchase a giant slab of the stuff after the session ended – he protested that it was for his girlfriend, but we know differently. Particularly as we spotted him nibbling it when he thought no-one was looking.

What do you think team Link should do next? (Please say more chocolate-related activities where we get to eat…)

One thought on “Chocoholics Anonymous”

  1. I object. I wasn’t nibbling. I was merely testing its consistency with my teeth, and perhaps I accidentally swallowed some. And then I accidentally swallowed more. But you know how these things are.

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